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I am Lanie L. Dixon, owner of SHE Focused.  I have excelled in roles as project manager, consultant, Management Engineer and Process Improvement professional throughout my career. My initial work in the IT web development industry boosted my career as a programmer, tester, release coordinator, project manager and systems analyst.


SHE Focused has partnered with several civic organizations throughout the Midwest committed to improving member experience through convenience and efficiency and increasing exposure to the communities they serve.

We have developed solutions to help organizations stay ahead of member satisfaction trends and employ solutions focused on ease of use and automation of many manual steps in membership and operations processes. Our solutions easily integrate with a wide range of off-the-shelf social media solutions and can enable organizations to fully realize the benefits of improved productivity and visibility throughout the membership onboarding cycle and programming year.


Most importantly, we provide the training and support for new solutions that ensures your membership can ramp up quickly and realize concrete improvements in member management and onboarding, operations, and fundraising metrics.

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